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Ultimate Date Night Beef Box
Ultimate Date Night Beef Box

Ultimate Date Night Beef Box

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No need for fancy dinner reservations this year - we got you covered with a gourmet steak dinner at home. Can't decide what to buy and need that perfect gift for your significant other or family member? Light the candles and have a romantic dinner at home with Native Acres Dry Aged Steaks! 

Ultimate Date Night Beef Box: Small 

  • 1 Large Single Serve Beef Tenderloin (1 x 8-10 oz)
  • 1 XL Ribeye Steak (1 x 16-18 oz)

Ultimate Date Night Beef Box: Large 

  • 1 Multiple Serving Filet (2 Filets per package, 6-.5-9oz each, 13-18oz per package)
  • 1 T-bone Steak (1 x 16 + oz)
  • 1 NA All Purpose Seasoning 

Why Native Acres?

  • Pasture Raised from our Native Acres
  • Grass Fed, Grain Finished
  • 21-28 Day Dry Aged
  • Raised Sustainably and Ethically
  • Cut By Hand, One-Animal-At-A-Time
  • Individually Wrapped, Ships Frozen
  • USDA Inspected and Labeled
  • Ships Monday/Tuesday of every week